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Choosing which gaming console to get can be a tough decision considering the amount of time you might be spending on it. So we’ll look at different factors that might help you shell out the money… We’ll try to keep subjective things out of the conversation.

Basic Tech Specs

Looking at the basic systems, the PS4 has a slight edge with graphics and power over the Xbox. However, numerous sites have spent pages looking at these, so we will leave this table hear as a quick reference. We also purposely left out any mention of the more powerful versions of each console as Microsoft has not release their new unit as of this post. (see future article on this subject)

Current Features

Since their releases, both consoles have added several features to their systems to help improve usability and interphase, cause the list of exclusive features to drop to mostly hardware related barriers. Xbox One’s Kinect 2 still provides a unique form of interaction with the console controls and still boasts backwards compatibility and cross platform gaming with certain titles. Playstation, on the other hand, offers Blueray and a PC/Mac friendly Remote Play feature that allows users to play their PS4 games through a mirrored image of the PS4 on their desktop/laptop or PS Vita.

All other features have slowly been added by both consoles, making them available in some form to both systems. See below.

Companion Apps

Both platforms provide companion apps that can help users easily navigate certain features of their systems, which would otherwise be really annoying to do on the console themselves. This includes group chats and typing assistance that save any user a whole bunch of time.

Some separation in the different platforms, however. Xbox, through Microsoft integrated windows messenger seems to have provided a smoother chat experience. However, Playstation has provided added features that can allow users to use their phone as an extension of the console (using phone as a second screen, ability to accept group and friend invites from the phone, view player profiles, access PSPlus account features, etc.). To speed up chat features, Playstation has provided a separate app dedicated to group chats.

Exclusive Games (2017, 2018)

Probably one of the bigger things to consider when deciding on a console is whether you’ll have certain games available to you. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have their list of exclusive games dedicated to bring those gamers to their platform. However, as you can see below, the PS4 seems to have a much larger pool of exclusives to pick for 2017 and 2018, as opposed to the Xbox One list. And many of those games have been large successes in 2017 (Horizon Zero Dawn, etc). Xbox has announced a lineup of 22 exclusives coming to their system and we will update this list once that is released.

Online Services

Although Xbox Live has always been a paid service for Microsoft, Sony has only adopted the requirement of a PSPlus account for online play with the release of the PS4. That being said, both services cost about the same ($60.00 per year or $10.00 a month per subscription for Region 1 accounts) but can have different features and services depending on the month. it is thought that Xbox Live has a more stable platform for online play. This might, however, be attributed to some Playstation Network outages in the past.

Free Games 

Free games are a nice bonus when having to pay for online play, and both online services provide a good selection of relevant games that you could download (provided you maintain your Online service accounts).

Before we get into the different selections of games, some MMOs do provide their games for free on both platforms:

  • Startrek Online
  • DC Universe
  • Marvel Heroes Omega (Beta)
  • World of Tanks

For PS Plus (Region 1) and Xbox Live specific games, see a short list of free games offered from either services  for 2017 (till July 2017).

Current Prices

Its Prime week on Amazon, so a quick search of the base consoles show a base PS4 500GB now going for $284.99 while Xbox One 500GB units are selling for $269.99. A deeper look at the different bundles shows similar price gaps. In general, Xbox One sets will always be cheaper as they try to gain market to the PS4, no matter what bundle you decide to buy.


For the time being, it is still clear that although both consoles are matching each other in features (for now), the  PS4 currently has the edge when looking at playable options due to the amount of exclusives available to the system alone. Which is a large factor to why sales of PS4s overshadow Xbox One purchases since their releases.

However, this does not mean that you should just go out and get a PS4 right now…. The Xbox One does seem to have the advantage of having a more compatible platform for future added feature and usability upgrades compared to the PS4.

The choice, at this point, is still yours:


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